Futura Synk delves deep in this ‘Behind The Music’ article accompanying his synthwave/lo-fi/vaporwave ‘Broken Town’ album presented by Retro Promenade.

I am 20 years old, so I did not live in the golden age of the 80s – which, for some people, means sacrilege. I met and fell in love with that era thanks to a song I heard on a compilation. It was the great ‘A Real Hero’ by College. It gave me a certain nostalgia for an era in which I did not exist. it made me say “I want to be part of this.” That’s when I decided to make music.

While composing I tried to convey that nostalgia. I like to compose with my feelings, and if I manage to stir something up inside of a listener with one of my songs, I consider myself well served. I am sure that many of us who are participate in this modern wave of retro synth create songs as a way of venting; an escape.

This is what this album is about: my personal and sentimental history. The fact that making music has helped me to cope with the difficult moments I’ve experienced.


‘Roadtrip’ came to my mind while I was drunk, sitting in the back of a car while my friends and I were traveling on a highway. We usually travel a lot to an unknown or solitary natural landscape. This song is for them. I feel we are a kind of The Breakfast Club.


This track, along with ‘Do You Remember,’ ‘They Will Never Be Lovers’ and ‘Pink Clouds,’ was one of the first songs of this album to see the light of completion. Specifically, they were made three years ago. I made them for one of the most important people in my life and, although she will never listen to them, here they are for her.

On The Viewpoint

As I mentioned before, College is my biggest musical influence. I fell in love with the simple, effective and emotional way in which he makes music. This track is specifically a tribute to him, because his music helped me crawl out of the hole in which I was trapped.

Shooting Stars

What can I say about this song? I wrote it for a girl whose name is hidden in the name of the song. The intent was an attempt to paint a happy and moving portrait of her. She is one of the happiest people I have ever met and she passed along to me a certain good vibe and perspective with which she sees the world.

Her strength and beauty inspired me a lot. At the end of this song you can listen to a recording of a concert by another of the musicians that have helped me move forward, Lil Peep. Although it has nothing to do with this retro world, I must say that her sentimental fascination is very strong for me as well. I decided to keep this track on the album because the small section of singing captures of the emotional details of my situation with this girl.

Tears Like Rain

The process of this track was a curious one. I tried to mix synthwave with lo-fi. At first it was a 100% synthwave song, but I started coming up with a slowed down hip-hop influenced rhythm, inserting degraded low quality kicks and snares; adding noise but keeping the bass line as a traditional synthwave line. The final result pleased me well enough and I decided to keep it.

Fallen Lovers

Here I wanted to capture a breakup and start with a somewhat sad melody. While the song continues its course, it progresses to something more cheerful, ending with a high and melodious pad. I allude to a breakup because of the sadness that this entails, but after passing that painful moment, in the end you will be happy again.

Pink clouds

Imagine sitting on the edge of a mountain, with lush vegetation and millions of trees at your feet, lighting a cigarette and looking at the sky. A fresh and soft breeze caresses your face. The sun is setting, painting the sky in purple, pink, and orange tones, while clouds like sponges absorb the colors.

For a moment, your problems vanish like cigarette smoke. By far, it’s the song that I like the most about this album. Not only for the sounds taken from a Minimoog (I love it!), nor for the arpeggio of the final pad. It’s because it is the song that best reflects my feelings.

Ashes of Happiness

Have you ever had someone who loved you? This song is a memory of happy moments, moments that are now ashes that the wind takes.

I tried to imbue all these songs with emotion and it’s noticeably a very personal album. Throughout the release you can hear recordings of the voices of certain people who were part of my life and who helped shaped me as I am. It’s kind of a thank you for inspiring me to create these songs. Thanks to those feelings, good or bad, I was able to create this album.

I hope you can enjoy this album and if you are going through similar situations, do not forget that you are not alone and that in the end, you too will leave your own Broken Town.

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